Explanation of the setting options for Zazzle

After you have opened the settings in the upload area of the tool, select Zazzle on the left of the Settings window.

Product Settings

When you click on the Product Settings button, a window will open showing you Zazzle's products. You can activate them, deactivate them and a set a department.

Delay Settings

In this area you can select a minimum and maximum delay in milliseconds. Between these values, a random delay is chosen for each step to make the input look more human.

Quote Longtail Tags

If this option is enabled, long tail keywords will be enclosed in quotes in your listing and inserted into Zazzle as one tag. If this were not enabled, every single word would be considered a tag.

Adjust Audience

If this option is enabled, LazyMerch will take the Audience suggested by Zazzle.

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