Steps to start the update process

On this page we clarify some steps you should follow before your update process for MBA.


In order to update your existing listings to MBA, you need the update IDs. You can export them best with the Chrome Plugin Productor.

Once the Productor is active in your Chrome browser, visit MBA. On the page you should now be able to find the following navigation bar:

Go to "Products" and filter the table for the designs you want to update. Then select the designs you want to export and click on "Export Selected" above the table on the right.

The Export Selected dropdown gives you some options for the export to LazyMerch when scrolling down. You can choose an export with designs but LazyMerch doesn't necessarily need them to update your listings. Exporting without designs will be enough in the most cases and the least time consuming method.

After you clicked on the desired export method, Productor will generate a spreadsheet for you and automatically starts the download for you.

If you go to your download folder and open the spreadsheet, you'll notice that it looks like our MBA_Old.xlsx spreadsheet. Keep that in mind when it comes to importing the file.

Edit Your Data

Maybe you want to update a listing, add a product or just change the prices. In principle, everything is possible, as our update process only requires the update IDs at the end of your spreadsheet and an info about which products should be activated on which marketplaces.

If you chose the export method without designs you should remove the path entries in the first column of the exported spreadsheet.

If you want whitespaces to be removed and products to be converted to the optimal format for products to be activated, you should use LazyConverter. For this you need to specify a file path and therefore you should also let the Productor export the designs.

Assign a Product Settings Template (recommended)

Probably the easiest method to add multiple products in one go is to assign a Product Settings template. You have previously prepared this in the settings.

Since Productor cannot know about your Product Settings templates, the exported file is in the form of the MBA_Old.xlsx spreadsheet.

We can work around this by importing the file now and exporting it again. When exporting, a .csv file is created in the form of the current and recommended MBA.xlsx.

In the new spreadsheet you can now replace the "Custom" template name with the name of the Product Settings template you want to use.

You then save that and import it back into the tool.

Use the MBA_Old.xlsx format to add products

As described here you can add product names, marketplaces and colors to your spreadsheet. However, note the transfer rules for the product settings when you import the file.

Start Updating

After you have exported your data as desired and edited it, you can follow the same steps as in the upload process. Import your files, check if everything was loaded into the tool as expected and start the update process.

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