Add Products

Showing you how to manually add products into the tools product settings list

Sometimes you may be looking for a specific product, but it is not available in the product settings for the desired platform. We also have to enter new products into the tool and unfortunately don't always notice immediately when a new product appears on a marketplace.

That's why you can independently create a product in the tool to upload already for this.

As an example, we show the addition of products at Society6 here. However, changing the .xml files works the same for all platforms in the tool.

First, we look into the Product Settings of the desired platform and check if our product is already there. This can be done using the search bar in the Product Settings window.

The data for the Product Settings Window comes from so-called .xml files. You can find them in the installation folder of LazyMerch:

LazyMerch --> ProductSettings --> Society6Selection_Default.xml

Open the .xml file with a text editor or a code editor of your choice.

After you open it, you will see the contents of the file. It should look something like this:

If you look closely, you'll probably also notice the pattern in which the tags were strung together.

Each product starts with a <Society6Selection> opening tag and ends with a </Society6Selection> closing tag.

The name of the product can be found between <Name></Name>.

The resolution given between <ImageSize></ImageSize> is the expected image size for this product. This becomes relevant when it comes to your original file and the question if it's enough to be placed on your desired product. Let's say the product suggests using files of 6800x9900px and won't accept your default 4500x5400px files you're using for pod, then the best option will be 10000x10000px to choose here in the .xml file. This tells LazyMerch to create a new image with a resolution of 10000x10000px and place whatever file you give it in the center of it. You can read more about this process here.

<Active></Active> refer to the checkbox of the product settings data table and tells the tool if you want to enable or disable the product.

Add a new product to your .xml file

And this is how it works. Mark a product from the pattern.

Copy and paste it wherever you want as long as it doesn't replace some of the other products and also is in between the <DocumentElement></DocumentElement> tags.

After you pasted it, change the name to the product's name and edit the other values.

Save the changes in the .xml file and restart the application. As soon as you restarted it and visit the product settings of Society6, they should look like this:

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