Explanation of the setting options for RedBubble

After you have opened the settings in the upload area of the tool, select RedBubble on the left of the Settings window.

Product Settings

When you click on the Product Settings button, a window will open showing you RedBubble's products. You can activate them, deactivate them, set a size and a repeat pattern.

The product settings are from previous generations of our tool. They still work, but only refer to the Redbubble Classic Upload. We recommend you to use the Redbubbly Copy Upload.

Trademark Blacklist

This button will take you to the blacklist of RedBubble. It is designed to enter words that you want LazyMerch to warn you about. If you want to learn more about the blacklist, click here.


Decide which genres on RedBubble should be chosen for your design.

Publish As Private

If activated, your design will be published as a private listing and won't be available on the marketplace.

Default View

In this dropdown field you can define how the design should be displayed on the marketplace.

Submit Timeout

Time (in seconds) that may elapse during the submission of the design until the tool recognizes a timeout error.


Specify whether your design should be centered vertically and horizontally on the products.

In RB Copy Upload these options are ignored and keep the position of your template.

Product Selection Delays

In this section you can select the minimum and maximum value in milliseconds for the delay of the product selection. LazyMerch calculates a random value between the two bounds and selects products with a suitable pace. This helps to make any interaction with the website look as natural as possible (manually controlled).

Other Selection Delays

Here you can select the minimum and the maximum value in milliseconds for the delay of any other selection steps beside the product selection.


Redbubble's marketplace is accessible worldwide, but you can publish your listing in four different languages. In this section you choose in which languages LazyMerch should post your listing on RedBubble. You can import the listing for these languages into the tool yourself or let the tool translate from one of your preferred languages into the others. You can choose between:

  • German

  • English

  • French

  • Spanish

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