Explanation of the setting options for Printful

After you have opened the settings in the upload area of the tool, select Printful on the left of the Settings window.

Product Settings

When you click on the Product Settings button, a window will open showing you Printful's products. You can activate them, deactivate them, type in your the desired mockup name and prices.

Be aware that on printful only one product can be uploaded per upload process. So if multiple products are selected, an upload process for one design will be started several times.

How to choose a Mockup

Unfortunately Printful changed the way they previously displayed Mockup names. Thus, it wasn't possible to simply type in the name of the mockup into the product settings column "Mockup Image Name" anymore.

What you have to do now is the following:

  1. Right-click the small image of your desired mockup on the left side of the mockup selection.

  2. Choose the inspecting option to open the source code of your desired mockup elemenent.

  3. This opens your browser's developer-console and highlights your element to be inspected.

  4. There, you check the highlighted <div> element that contains the background-image URL. Within this URL you can copy the unique filename of this mockup, ending with .png.

  1. If you copied the unique file name of your desired mockup, you can put this in the "Mockup Image Name" column of your Product Settings.

Trademark Blacklist

This button will take you to the blacklist of Printful. It is designed to enter words that you want LazyMerch to warn you about. If you want to learn more about the blacklist, click here.

Stocked In

Choose where your products that will be published will be stored.

Embroidery Color

Choose whether the embroidery color should be black or white.

Mockup Format

Choose whether the mockup format should be png or jpg.


Under Prices you have some options how the tool should handle the prices. These refer to the same settings that can be found on Printful.

Free Shipping

Check this option if you want LazyMerch to enable Free Shipping on Printful.

Stock Quantity

Enter the number of existing pieces or which number should be displayed.

Description Language

In this dropdown field you can choose in which language your description should be.

Printing Technique

Here you can select the printing technique, if it is available on your product. You can choose between DTG printing and embroidery.

Sizing Table

In the Sizing Table option, you can decide whether to add a Size Guide or not. Furthermore, you can decide whether the size guide is displayed in the imperial or metric system.

You can also choose both, which we recommend if you sell worldwide.

Amazon Markets

If you use Printful to publish products on Amazon, you can set here on which Amazon marketplaces you want to offer your product.

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