Explanation of the setting options for Spreadshirt

After you have opened the settings in the upload area of the tool, select Spreadshirt on the left of the Settings window.

Trademark Blacklist

This button will take you to the blacklist of Spreadshirt. It is designed to enter words that you want LazyMerch to warn you about. If you want to learn more about the blacklist, click here.

Keystroke Delay

This value shows by how many milliseconds the keystrokes must be deferred. This affects all necessary textual inputs, such as the title, description and the tags. The lower the value, the quicker the input.

Remove Forbidden Tags

This setting decides, whether the tags which Spreadshirt does not accept should be removed or not. It can happen that such tags are repeatedly found in listings or that they are unexpectedly declined. Therefore, we suggest that you activate this setting by choosing “yes”.

These forbidden words can also appear in the title or description. We cannot remove them there, so as not to destroy your listing and unknowingly expose you to trademark infringements. If you find such words, it is best to add them to your blacklist so you will be warned for your next uploads.

Delay After Template Selection

Here you can set the time that passes after the product template selection step on Spreadshirt. If the value is too low it may cause the template to not be loaded correctly.

Adjustment Option

This option refers to the adjustment option on Spreadshirt where you have to decide whether your design shall be appear optimized on the products or original.

Enable Automatic Translation

If activated, the listing will be translated to different languages by Spreadshirt.

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