Different ways how your listing comes into the tool

Without listing, no successful upload. Each platform has different requirements and needs. On this page we will show you how to make sure that your data and listings get into the tool reliably.


The way we want to encourage you the most is to prepare your listings in our LazyCloud. Not only that you can write the listings there much easier and prepare them for upload, but also because you can edit them there better afterwards. More information about the LazyCloud can be found here and the documentation of the cloud, where this preparation process is described, can be found here.

We are working on getting our Cloud Project live as soon as possible. As soon as it is ready, this section will be updated with the corresponding links.


To prepare your data with tables, you need our table file templates. You can find them by clicking on the Excel Templates button in the lower right corner of the tool's workspace.

This button will take you to the folder where you can find the templates. In it you will find the DisplateTemplate.xlsx.

Do not modify these template files, but copy them to another path and start editing there. This folder in the LazyMerch installation directory should remain untouched, so that none of your important data is lost during an update.



This column is designed to get the paths to your designs. Get the path to one or more designs and paste it here. Paths also include links to a cloud service where your designs are stored. However, make sure that the link goes directly to the image file without requiring authentication.

On windows there is an easy way to fill in your spreadsheet with the data path of your designs. Simply select the design you would like to upload first while holding shift and right click.

Afterwards, select “copy as path” to safe the files to the clipboard. You can now hold CTRL+V to transfer them to your spreadsheet in the column “DesignPath”.

Input Language

Under Input Language you can specify the language your listing is written in. This is important for the tool to be able to estimate if translation is needed for your chosen marketplace.


Give us a catchy title for your design. The title is a necessary input.


In the Description column you can insert your description. It's another great opportunity to use keywords related to your design's niche.


Under “Tags” you can type in keywords that describe your design. Please make sure, that you always use a comma ( , ) in between each keyword.


Here you can enter the name of your collection. If this collection does not yet exist on Displate, it will be created during the upload.


In this column you can name the category for the design. Choose up to three categories separated by commas.

Background Hex Color

If you let your designs convert to the size of a displate product by LazyMerch’s integrated convertor, you can fill in a hexadecimal color value which will be shown instead of the transparent areas in your design.

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