Occasional Errors

Possible errors that may occasionally occur

First Steps for Self-Help

Before we get to individual possible errors, we briefly explain what we mean by general errors or platform-specific errors. This will help you to make an initial assessment of the area you need to look in, and may also give you an idea of what the problem might be, which in turn could be helpful when writing your ticket to us.

GeneralPlatform Specific

Application Crashes

Issues during upload

Application Malfunction (TM Checks, UI issues, ...)

Browser looping during the upload

Browser Issues (crashes, doesn't open, ...)

Inputs during upload are wrong

This is intended to help you orientate yourself a little better on this page and to know whether you should rather browse through general errors or jump straight to the platform in the contents list.

Cache Reset

Especially for platform specific problems the cache reset is always a good first approach. This clears all browser data and ensures that none of this data prevents the tool from instructing the browser.

To do this, right-click on one of the affected platforms in the workspace (CTRL+click on Mac) and select "Reset Cache".

General Errors

Cannot Log In

Wrong Timestamp

Sometimes it can happen that you get a Wrong Timestamp Error and therefore cannot log in. Check the time setting on your computer and make sure it is correct for your region. If it is already correct, turn the automatic time detection off and on again.

Incorrect Login Data

The error occurs if you use wrong login data. Make sure that you use the same login details that you need to access your account on the website.

Some special characters can unfortunately also lead to this error. In this case, change your password and do not use special characters. We are working on fixing the error.

Browser Does Not Open

If you try to start an upload and the browser does not open, the tool probably cannot reach the Chromium Driver. Check the following things:

  • Is a Chromium process already running? Open your system's Task Manager and check if there is already a Chromium Driver process active. If so, terminate it and try to start the upload again.

  • Restart Your Computer This terminates all running processes and ensures that after a restart no process is running that could get in the way of the tool.

  • Check if your antivirus program has quarantined a file from LazyMerch If so, remove it from quarantine and at best add it to your whitelist.

Authorization Failed

The upload can't be started because there's a translation needed and you provided the wrong DeepL API key or chose the wrong option of the translation dropdown setting.

Merch By Amazon

Designs are not displayed

From time to time, your uploaded designs may no longer be displayed on the products. In this case, a cache reset should fix the problem.

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