Introduces you to the general settings that apply to all or multiple platforms.

You can access the general settings via the gear icon at the top right of the workspace.

Another window opens, which shows you the settings. By default, you will see the General Settings selected on the left side of the window.


Trademark Blacklist

The Trademark Blacklist button will take you to another window where you can add words or phrases to your blacklist. This ensures that you will be warned if any of these words are in your listings.

Default Timeout

The value for Default Timeout decides how long LazyMerch is permitted to wait to perform a step. If operational processes are not properly conducted, or do not lead to an expected result, LazyMerch will wait as long as the given value in seconds. If the problem persists, LazyMerch will trigger a timeout-error.

Upload Timeout

Describes the maximum value of how long the upload of a file can take in seconds. This value only relates to the upload of the design. The duration can vary depending on the file size and connection. If the upload takes longer than the given value, LazyMerch will trigger a timeout error and returns to the file upload until the file is successfully uploaded and no new attempts are available.

Unexpected Error Retries

Unexpected Error Retries how many retries the programm attempts when unexpected errors occur. This is especially useful if an unexpected pop-up appears on the website of the Print On Demand provider, or if any other errors affect the uploading process. Common sources of error are incorrect spreadsheets or illicit keywords that were used in the listing. So, if your design still does not upload, despite retries, please double check your listings.

Disable Send Until Right Value

In the past some POD providers prohibited certain signs in the listings. That's why we integrated a setting for this in LazyMerch. The setting prevents that LazyMerch repeatedly retries to enter these signs. Once this option is enabled, potential incorrect signs will be skipped (e.g. special characters). However, as we try our best to spot sources of errors when uploading, this setting is usually not necessary to activate.

MBA/KDP Wait For Login Pages

This value explains in seconds how long the programm should wait for the log in page on Amazon. The given default value of 3 seconds should be enough to access the login page. If you notice longer waiting times that exceed this value LazyMerch will trigger a retry.

Run Sequenced Limit

Sets the maximum number of simultaneous upload windows allowed when using the "Run Sequenced" startup function.

Debug Mode

The Debug Mode aims to avoid errors and to solve them. This mode can remain deactivated until you are told by LazyMerch’s support to activate this setting.

Bypass Path Check

If this option is enabled, validation of third-party cloud links is ignored.

Load Card Images

Determines whether thumbnails of the files from the specified design paths should be displayed or not.

Save State

If this option is enabled, the current state of the application will be saved before exiting the tool. Loaded rows in your workspace will be available again when re-opening the tool.

Table View Row Height

With this option you can choose between five different sizes that determine how high the rows should be when you have activated the table view.

Use Autosolver for Captchas

On some platforms we can have the captcha solved with a solving service. When this option is enabled, captchas are solved automatically.

Translation Service To Use

A setting option to select the translation service for all translations in the tool or during the upload process. If you want to use your own DeepL account for this, you have to enter the DeepL API key in the field below.

DeepL API Key

Enter your DeepL Free or Pro Key so that the tool translates directly from your DeepL account.


Initial Check

Determines whether loaded listings are initially subjected to a TM check or not.

Checked Classes

Under this option, you can use drop-down fields to select which Nice-Classes should be checked for which platforms.

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