DeepL API Key

Explanation how to use the translation service

With the DeepL API Key feature you can use your own key from an existing DeepL Pro subscription or use the key code from your Free Account. Here we show you how to get your key and where to insert it into LazyMerch.

Create Your DeepL Account

If you don’t have a DeepL Free Account yet, you can get one here.

After the account has been created or you are already logged in to an existing account, go to and look for your API Key when scrolling down a bit. You can copy and paste it in the tool under Settings in the tab “General” in the “Translation” area.

Enter The API Key

The API key can be entered in the Settings of LazyMerch.

Make sure you have selected the correct service in the drop-down box above. Here you can distinguish between the translation characters included in the LazyMerch subscription, the DeepL Free subscription or the DeepL Pro subscription.

Integration Check

If the integration worked and you saved the settings, you should now see the correct number of your translation characters in the bottom bar of the workspace.

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