Explanation of the setting options for Society6

After you have opened the settings in the upload area of the tool, select Society6 on the left of the Settings window.

Product Settings

When you click on the Product Settings button, a window will open showing you Society6's products. You can activate them, deactivate them, set a size and the X and Y axis offset. With the Offset value you decide by how many pixels the design is moved in the direction of an Axe. You can orientate yourself like in a coordinate system, i.e. negative values are also possible.

Image Conversion for Society6

As you may have noticed at Society6, there are some products that require huge resolutions. Upscaling in images never ends well, so we fool S6 with images with larger resolutions, even though they still contain the 4500x5400px images that are common in POD. We assume your designs are 4500x5400px. If a resolution is smaller, the image is packed into the center of a 4500x5400px canvas and thus treated as the actual expected image. If it is larger, it is scaled smaller and also packed in the center of such a canvas. In our case, we can cover all products with the following sizes:

  • 4500x5400px

  • 7500x7500px

  • 10.000x10.000px

  • 15.000x15.000px

Now, for example, you choose the "Duffle Bag", which requires quite a high resolution and therefore would never have been able to be served with an average resolution needed for POD (it used to be 4500x5400px for MBA). To make this possible, we create a 15,000x15,000px canvas and place your 4500x5400px design in it. This way it is possible to bring the original image onto such products with almost no loss of quality - you just have to set the scaling value (i.e. how close S6 zooms your image onto the product) in the settings accordingly. If you want to see how your design size would look like on the converted images, you can use the Image Previewer. In the Image Previewer you can also download the converted designs and then manually insert them into S6 to find out the optimal scaling value for you.

The info points in the settings show you what format the image would be converted to for this product.

Trademark Blacklist

This button will take you to the blacklist of RedBubble. It is designed to enter words that you want LazyMerch to warn you about. If you want to learn more about the blacklist, click here.


Here you need to choose which category on Society6 should be selected for your design. You can choose from:

  • painting

  • drawing

  • collage

  • photography

  • graphic design


Specify whether your design should be centered vertically and horizontally on the products.

Repeat Coasters

Choose which repeating pattern shall be used for your design. You can decide whether it will be repeated on all coasters or split into four coasters.

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