User Interface

Settings that can be made to change the user interface

There are some small settings how to customize the user interface of LazyMerch to your own needs or preferences.

Dark Mode

To turn the dark mode of the tool on and off, go to the toolbar under View and check the Dark Mode on or off option.

Table View

If you want to have it a bit clearer and don't want to have thumbnails displayed, the table view might be suitable for you. To do this, go to View in the toolbar as usual and select the Table View option.

By clicking on the columns button you can set which fields of this platform should be displayed for you. In the example below this is shown for the platform Merch By Amazon.

If you want your rows to be slightly taller or narrower in the table view, you can do this in the Settings under Table View Row Height.

You can change the positions, width and sorting of the columns by dragging and dropping the column labels as it is common for spreadsheet programs.

Inline Editing

If the Inline Editing option is activated, almost every field of a row or card can be clicked and edited directly. This option is helpful if you want to quickly change something in your listing.

Platform Navbar

You can customize the platform navbar according to your needs. Under View in the toolbar you can activate or deactivate the POD platforms relevant for you.

Furthermore, you can also set whether the platform navbar should be folded in or out. This process is described here.

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