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An introduction to the LazyMerch automation tool.

The LazyMerch Automation tool lets anyone upload designs and listings to print on demand marketplaces. The tool is a time-saving solution to reduce the effort for uploading and to take care of more important things.

This documentation explains everything you need to know about uploading with LazyMerch Automation.

How the documentation is organized

LazyMerch's Automation tool has a lot of features and, as a result, a lot of documentation. The documentation is organized into the following sections:

  • Instruction - explanations about the installation, general operation of the tool and how to find your way around the user interface.

  • General Settings - information about the general things that can be set in the tool. This only concerns settings that affect the user interface or the general behavior of the tool.

  • Upload - everything you need to know about uploading to a specific platform. From preparing data, importing it, checking the input, choosing upload specific settings to the final upload of designs and listings.

  • Helpful Features - explanations about helpful features of the tool, which are not directly relevant for the upload, but make your everyday life easier.

  • Troubleshooting - your first point of contact for problems. Contains instructions on how to solve problems on your own as well as important information on how to write tickets.

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