Explanation of the setting options for Displate

After you have opened the settings in the upload area of the tool, select Displate on the left of the Settings window.

Trademark Blacklist

This button will take you to the blacklist of Displate. It is designed to enter words that you want LazyMerch to warn you about. If you want to learn more about the blacklist, click here.


If this option is enabled, the upload stops before the template goes live. It is used so that you can manually press the publish button if you want to make sure the input is correct beforehand.

Autoconverter Size

With this percentage value you can determine how much space your design should take on the Displate we create.

Background Color

At this color picker you can select the background color of your generated Displate.

Auto Alignment

If this option is activated, the whitespace of your design will be removed and the elements will be placed in the center of the generated Displate.

Skip Longtail Tags

Displate does not allow longtail keywords. If this option is enabled, LazyMerch will remove the disallowed tags during the upload process.

Stop With Too Few Tags

If there are now fewer tags than possible due to the Skip Longtail Tags steps, the upload process is paused so that you can manually add some and use the greatest possible potential.

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