Save Your Settings

Explanation how to save your settings

Sometimes it may be necessary to save your settings. For example, if you want to reinstall or transfer the settings to a new device.

The following files are relevant for you and can be found in the installation folder of LazyMerch:

  • state.json - contains loaded rows, log message and the current app state

  • settings.json - contains all your settings, except the product settings templates

  • database.db - contains your import templates and trademark blacklist/whitelist

  • ProductSettings Folder - contains your product settings templates

To save them, copy them to a different place. You can paste it back in later after you re-installed or installed on a different device.

How to find the files and folders


Right-Click on the LazyMerch icon and choose "Open File Path". After this the installation folder will be opened. If you struggle finding the desired files, use the explorer search bar.


CTRL + Click the LazyMerch icon in your applications folder or on the Dock. Choose "Show Package Contents" to open the installation folder of LazyMerch.

Navigate to Contents > MacOS and look for the desired files and folders.

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