Steps to start the upload for Displate

On this page we clarify some steps you should follow before your upload.


After you have made your settings and preparations, you can now start getting your data from your spreadsheet into the tool. Therefore use the Import Forms.

After you have successfully imported your data into the tool, it will look something like this, depending on your user interface settings:


Before you can upload, you should make sure that all data has been imported correctly.


Expand your Row and check if your listing was imported correctly.

In our example everything was imported successfully. If the language labels weren't green you could hover them to see what's wrong. Mostly this will tell you that a translation might be necessary.Yellow warnings do not stop you from starting the upload. The tool can also translate during the upload process. However, we recommend to perform all possible steps in the tool.


If you want to translate before uploading, you can do this for each row individually by right-clicking on a row and selecting Translate, or if you want to translate all rows at once, you can click Select All in the Workspace Controls and then the Translation icon.


If you want to check your trademarks in LazyMerch, it is recommended to do it after the translation. If you have activated the Initial Check, the TM button will already show you by color if the entries you imported contain trademarks or not. Furthermore, you should have checked if your trademark settings show the Nice classes you want.

If you want more explanation about Trademark Check and all the different options, click here.

Image Conversion

To check if your Displate is generated correctly with the settings you have chosen, open the Image Conversion Preview. Click on the image icon in the upper right corner.

This will open the following window:

On the left we see the title and filename of the loaded listings in the workspace. Selected is the first design from the list. On top left of the window you can see the platform tabs. Make sure Displate is selected. On top right you can find a Save button to save the converted cover to your device.

What will be displayed to you within this window is pretty close to what your converted cover will look like when uploading.


After you have conscientiously completed all the previous steps, the next step is the launch. You have the following options:

Upload a single or all selected designs

To upload a single design or several selected ones, select the desired quantity and right-click on one of the selected designs. In the right click options select "Upload selected".

Start upload for Displate only

To start the upload for one platform only, in our case MBA, you can right-click on MBA in the collapsed platform navigation bar and select the Play button to start.

This screenshot is showing this by an example of starting MBA. It works the same if you selected Displate.

Or if the Platform Navigation Bar is expanded, you can reach the Play button without right-clicking.

Start by Running All

If you click the Run All button at the top right of the workspace, all platforms in which you have loaded listings will start. There is also a Run Sequenced option that allows you to control how many platforms can run at the same time.

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