Guide to creating meaningful tickets and requesting help

If you have any problems or questions, you can always contact us. However, in order to reduce our support effort, we ask you to take a look at the occasional errors first and see if you can fix it yourself. If you can't get the problem solved on your own, no problem. Under contact you can find the ways how to reach us. But before you contact us, please do us a favor and read through how to create a meaningful ticket first. This will save us some questions and you will get to the solution of your problem faster.

How To Write A Ticket

Describe the error as accurately as possible

Observe exactly when and how the error occurs. For us it is relevant on which platform it happens and at which step of the upload process. Try to see if there is an error notification in the tool or on the POD operator's page.

Tool doesn't work!

Hello, I have an error with the MBA upload. It seems that the tool keeps restarting the upload at the color selection step. Even when retrying it does not get past the color selection.

Let us know what you have tried so far

Since you've already taken a look into the occasional errors, you've probably already tried the first steps to fix the error yourself. Let us know so that these first troubleshooting steps are already clarified.

Hi, when I press Start the browser does not open. What can I do?

Hi, when I press Start the browser does not open. I already tried to check if there's an open process of the chromium driver running in the taskmanager. I also tried to restart my computer but this didn't fix the issue.

Send us the logs

When running the tool, log files are created that record certain steps. There are the system logs, which only refer to the tool and system processes, and the upload logs, which only record the steps of the upload process to a platform. If you experience problems during an upload process, the upload log of the affected platform is usually sufficient. In case of doubt, however, it does not hurt to send both logs. Please do not send screenshots of the Log Console in the tool. This only gives us a snapshot. We need the full log files to be able to follow up on several clues over the duration of the whole upload. You can find the folder containing the log files here:

It may be that there are several log files in the folder. Make sure that you send us the files that contain the name of the corresponding platform and that it is the most recent log file.

Screenshots and videos help

Screenshots and videos that illustrate your problem are not absolutely necessary, but always helpful. If you feel you can clarify it with videos or screenshots and have the time and inclination, we appreciate your willingness to help.

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