Image Conversion

Clarification about the image conversion options in the tool

The problem is quite clear: many platforms have different requirements regarding the resolution of designs, but not everyone wants to spend the time to bring their designs into all the different formats.

For this reason, LazyMerch can convert your designs to different resolutions. This is especially relevant for platforms like MBA, KDP, Displate or Society6.

The conversion is done during the upload process but you can take a look at the final product in advance to tweak your settings or check if the converted design meets your expectations. To do that, follow these steps:

Open the converter preview

Once you have imported designs into the workspace, you can click on the Design Area Tools image icon for those platforms.

After you click it, the following window will open:

Select the desired Platform

At the top of the window you can switch between the platforms on which designs were imported. These can also be different designs. For example, the MBA entries do not have to match the Displate entries.

Select the image to display

On the left side of the window you will see the titles and file names of the imported entries. So you can choose for which design you want to see the preview.

Choose the product

At the bottom of the window you can select the product you want to be displayed. For MBA and Society6 there are several product variants we can convert to.

Customize the display options

Your design is hard to see? No problem, you can easily change the color to display your design better on the background.

You can find these settings in the bottom right of the window:

The background of the PopSockets grip is black because this was set in the product settings template.

Note that these display options do not change your settings. The display color applies only to the Image Previewer. You have to choose the correct color in the settings of each platform.

Save the converted design

This is not a necessary step for uploading, but if you prefer to save files locally, you can press the Save button in the upper right corner of the Image Previewer window.

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